Management Team

The Management Team of the Group are:

Mentor/Advisers – Rick Wilson & John Clucas

  • Oversee the direction and operation of 5kGroupRun  

GroupRun Manager ­ Rowena Falcon Doherty

  • Manage the Saturday, Monday and Thursday GroupRuns (C25K / Social Runs / 5k to 10k groups)

Admin Managers – Claire Coverley & Lisa Rowe

  • Maintain Public Liability Insurance, register bookings for each plan with WittonPark

Finance Manager – Deborah Clucas

  • Pay invoices, maintain accounts

Kit Managers – Steve Lyth & Sharon Lyth

  • Take orders for Group kit, liaise with kit supplier, pass invoices to Finance Manager for payment

Graphic Design Manager – Ricky Wilson

  • Create graphics as required for promotional items, kit, website and social media

Social Media and Web Managers – Nickie O'Hara & Lesley Smith

  • Maintain Website, Facebook and Twitter accounts

Events Managers – Mick Wignall, Russ Taylor, Chris Almond & Andy Mcarthur

  • Coordination of Celebration Run events

Social Events Managers – Cathy Kilshaw & Sarah Walsh

  • Coordination of evening Celebration Run events

Run Leader Managers – Claire Fahey & Lee Kiernan

  • Recruitment, coordination and management of run leaders, updating of run leader guide and deliver briefings

Volunteer Managers – Russ Taylor, David Sears & Sid Makinson

  • Recruitment, coordination and management of volunteers and deliver briefings

Any other relevant position as required from time to time as decided by the Management Team

The Management Team will be recruited by the Mentor/Advisers. All Management Team members will retire each year but will be eligible for reappointment. The Group will be managed through the Management Team