10km to 10m Group

Every Monday and Wednesday

The Monday and Wednesday sessions are organised by Blackburn Road Runners
Membership to BRR is not required to participate in this programme

Meet on Monday at 7pm at Ewood Park (Darwen End)
Meet on Wednesday at 7pm at Witton Park

Additional Session on Saturday

9am at the 'pot holed' car park off Tower Road
Organised by John Hannan and Dave Short in conjunction with BRR

Week Monday  Thurs  Sat
week 1 5m 5m 7m
week 2
4m (intervals) 6m 8m
week 3 4m 5m 9m
week 4 4m 5m 6m
week 5 5m 5m 8m
week 6 4m (intervals) 6m 9m
week 7 5m 5m 10m
Week 8 4m 6m 8m
Week 9 4m 4m 10m