FREE Couch to 5K Sessions

Join our FREE NHS approved Couch to 5K plan which is designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K, or for half an hour, in just nine weeks.

There is no cost to attend, its completely free and ALWAYS will be!

Anyone Can Do It!

This multiple award winning Couch to 5K sessions in Blackburn, Lancashire are the largest in the UK, and possibly the world, with hundreds of people attending the sessions three times per week.

The Couch to 5K plan is designed to get you off the couch and gradually work you up to running 5K or for half an hour, in just nine weeks. We know its difficult to start the Couch to 5K plan on your own, and we also know that if you start the plan with others, then you have a far greater chance of completing it.

That's why we have come together to offer you an opportunity to embark on your Couch to 5K journey alongside other people. You also have the additional support of our volunteer mentors who attend each session and, most importantly, have all successfully completed the plan themselves.


Saturday at 9am
Monday at 7pm
Thursday at 7pm

7th January to 9th March
Celebration Run - 11th March

25th March to 1st June
Celebration Run - 3rd June

17th June to 17th August
Celebration Run - 19th August

2nd September to 2nd November
Celebration Run - 4th November

Short Winter Progression Plan
6th November to 14th December


6th January to 8th March
Celebration Run - 10th March

24th March to 24th May
Celebration Run - 2nd June

16th June to 16th August
Celebration Run - 18th August

1st September to 1st November
Celebration Run - 3rd November

Short Winter Progression Plan
5th November to 13th December

The ethos of the 5kGroupRun team is generosity, support, encouragement, collaboration, action and commitment; if you come down to visit us it can be seen in many different ways. When we are asked to explain what we mean by this, we think that it is far more meaningful to show what it is by offering you some of our success stories - read them here!


We have £5m of Public Liability Insurance cover, arranged with Fogarty's Insurance Services.  This is not personal accident insurance, you run at your own risk - for more information please see our FAQs

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